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This page contains links suggestions and strategies for solving math problems. This is not intended as a Cookbook that will let you solve any problem. Rather it is intended as guidance on how to disect a math problem and organize the information so that you can discover the solution.

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How To Attack Word Problems

  1. Always read the problem carefully and more than once.

  2. Ask what do we know from the problem statement? What are the "given". Often this is in the form of certain entities or things. For example, the perimeter and area of a farmers field.

  3. How are the things related? Does the problem statement provide any information on how the things are related? Can you express this mathematically? Example, the farmers field has a length that is twice the width. Thus L = 2 x W.

  4. Read the problem carefully to determine what quantity or thing you are being asked to find or compute? How is this related to the given quantities or things?

  5. How can you organize your information or calculations to help you visualize it? Graphically, using tables, draw pictures or other ways?

  6. Sometimes it helps to work on a problem for a short time, say 15 minutes then drop it for a while and return to it again. When you come back read it over again.

  7. Team Work: talk with your classmates about approaches to solving the problem. Don't just ask for the answer or give it out. Help your classmates to reason it out.

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